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Enjoy Family Time With Peace of Mind! Control the amount of CO2 and reduce the risk of contagion.

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It’s here! The revolutionary CO2 meter that checks air quality and measures whether a room is well ventilated that is bringing safety back to families! Recommended by 98% of buyers! The Safe Air X

After living through several months of the pandemic, it has been more than proven that the primary way of contagion is through breathing in the air when an infected person breathes it out, whether or not he or she has symptoms.

“Direct control of drops and aerosols in indoor spaces is difficult, we exhale carbon dioxide that can be easily measured and used as an indicator of the risk of infection,” explains Professor Paul Linden of the Department of Applied and Theoretical Mathematics of Cambridge ¹ from the United Kingdom.

Fortunately, we have devices capable of quantifying this risk: CO2 meters such as Safe Air X

This CO2 concentration meter is a useful tool to determine if a space is ventilated and thus set the need to ventilate more or differently.

It’s time for you to discover Safe Air X!

Safe Air X

Is there anything sadder than a celebration without our family and friends?

Due to the restrictions of the current situation around the world, there are many people who this year have been forced to cancel or postpone certain events, especially those in which the number of guests was higher.

Having to select who goes and who doesn’t, or not knowing how to enjoy that day without a kiss or a hug can make for a pretty unpleasant situation.

WHO ², working closely with the World Meteorological Organization through the Joint Office for Climate and Health, as well as the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, recommends increasing ventilation rates by natural or mechanical means, preferably without recycling the air. 

Therefore, thanks to technological advances, we have been able to move forward and seek alternatives that allow us, with precautions, to enjoy friends and family on special days and at the same time comply with the required health measures.

We’re talking about the CO2 meter: Safe Air X.

Someone was bound to invent it! In this case, it was two German engineers, related to the world of technology, health, and electronics, who have created this functional device to measure CO2 levels and determine ventilation needs.

Safe Air X measures the CO2 level, the humidity level, and the room temperature. All this in real time, thanks to the high precision sensor it has. But that’s not all, thanks to its small size, it can be placed anywhere.

The importance of air renewal

It is scientifically proven that one of the few ways to control the environment in which we move, is to take into account the importance of air renewal and this is where Safe Air X comes in.

With this CO2 meter, you will improve ventilation control. This process is done through a sensor incorporated in Safe Air X that takes constant data on the concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment.

When an index above the determined thresholds is reached and if the meter marks a value of 800 ppm or more, ventilation would be necessary.

Time with family, the best gift! The Safe Air X

Safe Air X

It’s possible that we are facing the strangest year that we have ever lived. Nothing that happened in 2019 will be repeated the same in 2020. The current crisis we are living and its measures to protect us from contagion have been the real main themes.

Two recent studies (Chen et al 2020 , Ong et al 2020 ), based on air samples in the vicinity of a hospital, where the virus load is quite significant, reported that the virus was not detected in the air samples. This was shown to be due to an efficient and well-maintained ventilation system in the hospital environment.

Another study³ conducted on a long-haul flight, reported no evidence of virus transmission to passengers, which in this case was also attributed to efficient ventilation and filtering of cabin air.

Carefree family time: the best gift possible! By controlling the amount of CO2, thanks to Safe Air X, you can reduce the risk of possible infections. Enough checking that your guest list doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum amount of people in order to celebrate those long-awaited dinners with family and friends.

With Safe Air Pro, make sure that enclosed spaces, where contagion is much easier, are properly ventilated!

See how it works

What people say about Safe Air X

All my friends I talked to about Safe Air X already had one! 

Throughout this year, I have been very worried every time we celebrated a birthday with family or friends. I kept getting overwhelmed every time I thought about meeting with my family. Until one day, a co-worker recommended Safe Air X. Now, I can verify that the CO2 levels in the environment are just right and I live with much more peace of mind. In addition, the size is perfect to put anywhere around the house. I recommend it to everyone.

I had very high expectations for this device and I was not wrong! 

I’ve always wanted to have a meter like this because I’m a dentist and I work with a lot of people in closed spaces and now even more-so with the current situation. Being the owner of a dental clinic, it gives me great peace of mind to know that while I am working, I have control of the CO2 in the environment. I have 3 placed throughout the entire clinic!

Much more peacefully since I have this CO2 meter! 

I live with my children, my husband and my mother in a small house and I was quite concerned about how stuffy the environment might be. Since having Safe Air X, I noticed that before I wasn’t ventilating enough, and the levels were above 800 ppm. Now they’re no more than 650 pp. Excellent performance and very sensitive to changes in CO2 levels. Now we can live with less stress!

The best option in the market 

Safe Air X

Main advantages:

  1. This CO2 concentration meter is the best tool to determine if a space is ventilated and thus set the need to ventilate more or differently.

  2. Detection of high levels of CO2 in real time thanks to its high precision sensor. If the meter reads 800 ppm or higher, ventilation is necessary.

  3. With professional grade detection technology, this CO2 meter has stable performance and high accuracy. LCD display showing CO2 level, temperature, and humidity.

  4. It is intuitive and can be controlled by anyone without needing to see instructions.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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