21 signs in your nails about your health

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21 signs in your nails about your health

It is important to take good care of our nails so that they look healthy and beautiful. However, the appearance of our nails can tell us if there is something wrong inside us. In other words, nails are organs that send out signals that can reveal our state of health. We should pay attention to these signals.

Variations in the appearance of our nails, such as changes in shape, growth and even colour, can help us diagnose health disorders. Some nail variations are minor, but it is useful to know what each of them can mean. It is important to regularly observe the appearance of our nails to look for alterations that may alert us to internal health problems. Here are 21 signs we can spot by looking at our nails and what they mean.

21. Thick nails

Contrary to appearances, although thick nails give the impression of greater strength, this thickening is not normal. When nails change their appearance and become thicker and even difficult to cut, they may indicate a disease: if they have always been normal and suddenly become thick, it may indicate a lung problem. If they are thick and brittle, it may be psoriasis or thyroid. If, in addition to being thick, the nails become rough, it may indicate fungus; there are convenient devices to fight fungus comfortably at home. In addition, thick nails can indicate circulation problems.


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