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Pro X-Terilizer: The hand sanitizer spray with proximity sensor is taking its success from the USA to all markets around the world!

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Disinfecting the coronavirus or any virus is a priority for everyone! We are currently living in a situation marked by COVID-19, in which more than ever, what we should be doing is respecting safety measures, such as keeping a safe distance, using a mask, washing our hands frequently, and using disinfectant. Doesn’t sound too complicated, right?

However, as time goes by and we slowly begin to recover the usual rhythm of our lives, we start to relax again, and many people end up getting lost in the sanitary measures. It is very important to avoid these mistakes and to have on hand everything necessary to maintain them!

Taking care of and disinfecting the physical environment is very important in the chain of prevention and control of infections regardless the type of disease. The WHO states that disinfecting contaminated surfaces is undoubtedly one of the best ways to prevent and reduce the chances of contagion by more than 80%.

Contactless cleaning and disinfection!

Pro X-Terilizer

Several studies about COVID-19, claim that the virus can survive on a surface for more than 96 hours. This means that if a healthy person touches an “infected” surface and then touches their hands, eyes, mouth, or mucous membranes, he or she is at high risk of getting the disease.

Both the mask and the hand sanitizer have become our trusty companions for a few months now. Faced with this situation, most people have placed a set of gel and disinfectant in the entrance of their homes. But now that we are already starting to receive visitors, is it enough? An American company, leader in the sanitary sector, is aware that all measures are not enough and that’s why it has developed, together with a group of Scandinavian designers, the first sprayer in the market that allows contactless disinfecting for any surface in the easiest way possible. What are we talking about? We’re talking about the Pro X-Terilizer. Read on and discover its many properties!

Portable hand sanitizer spray with proximity sensor.

Pro X-Terilizer has been designed to purify and disinfect hands and surfaces in an automatic spray dose form. This allows quick and easy disinfection of hands as well as any surface such as cell phones, keys, wallets, TV controls, etc. Best of all? Thanks to its size and the fact that it’s cordless, Pro X-Terilizer is portable and can be easily moved between different rooms in the house, office, even to take it with you on a trip, to work, etc.

How does the proximity sensor work? This device has an infrared motion sensor that is capable of detecting an object or a hand within an area of 12 cm and spraying automatically. In addition to working with the proximity sensor, Pro X-Terilizer has an automatic mode.

Hygiene and design in one device

Pro X-Terilizer

Pro X-Terilizer has a design based on Scandinavian decoration. All device features deemed unnecessary have been eliminated resulting in a discreet yet modern finish. In addition, its three different colors allow this device to adapt to any room, although according to the survey made to the users, 80% decided to install it in the entrance and in the bathrooms of houses and offices and 75% affirm that they have one in their homes and another one that they use in their day to day activities.

Pro X-Terilizer was released a couple of months ago and at this time, there are more than 150,000 customers today who enjoy the advantages of this device.

How does Pro X-Terilizer Proximity Sensor Hand Sanitizer work?

Pro X-Terilizer

It is very simple! Pro X-Terilizer has two modes of use: Induction and Automatic. In the automatic mode, the device will disinfect for 4 hours without interruption and a light will remain on during the entire process. In contrast, in the induction mode, Pro X-Terilizer will operate when it is 12 cm or less from a surface. It sprays for ten seconds for each use and the light will only remain on during that time.

The tank can be filled with alcohol or disinfectant, as long as it is completely liquid. It is battery operated and you only need to charge it with the USB that’s included to charge and use it again. It does not contain alcohol; alcohol or disinfectant must be purchased separately.

See how it works!

Why is Pro X-Terilizer the best disinfectant on the market?

Pro X-Terilizer is the best portable hand sanitizer spray for several reasons:

The application of Pro X-Terilizer with induction-based technology provides an effective and definitive disinfection that unlike its competitors, allows the disinfectant solution to cover 100% of the surfaces or objects in just a few seconds.

When it comes to design, Pro X-Terilizer has no compeition! Thanks to its Scandinavian style, it will look like any other home decoration wherever you put it. You can choose from three different colors, mint green, gray and metallic purple, so matching it to the rest of your home decoration will be very easy.

Other devices similar to Pro X-Terilizer often have many problems with the quality of materials and the different functions of the device working for properly. For some, the liquid comes out of the base, for others the spraying process lasts no more than 4-5 seconds – with Pro X-Terilizer none of this will happen to you! Today, more than 150,000 customers enjoy the benefits of this device.

The best on the market!

Pro X-Terilizer

Pro X-Terilizer: Main advantages!

Automatic alcohol sprayer with smart infrared sensor suitable for alcohol disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and other liquids. Perfect for avoiding contact.

Two modes of use: Automatic and induction. Detection distance of 12 cm from the top of the device.

Scandinavian design. All unnecessary device features have been removed from the finished product. Three different colors: Mint green, purple, and metallic grey.

Portable, you can take it anywhere. High capacity battery. Up to 4 hours of continuous use in automatic mode.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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