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Ice Towel: The microfiber towel for an immediate cooling effect

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Do you feel yourself overheating when you go for a walk? Do you suffer from excessive heat every time you exercise or play a sport? Does it get very hot in your house? At certain times during the year, temperatures skyrocket and in the blink of an eye, we find ourselves burning up in our own homes! This makes us run to turn on the air conditioning and lock ourselves up in the house without going out to play sports, without going for a walk or doing any physical activity at all. But, as you probably know, air conditioning is pretty bad for our health and lack of exercise is, too! Ice Towel is here!

High temperatures can cause serious health problems, especially in sectors of the population considered to be “risk groups” such as the elderly, children and the sick. Each year, we hear cases on the news of people who have died from heat stroke, and it is more important than many people think to prevent the dangers of such high temperatures.

Surely you are now asking yourself: How can I cool off while out for a walk or playing sports? Not by pouring an entire water bottle over your head if that’s what you’re thinking. It helps you cool down, sure, but the effect of something like this doesn’t last long and the heat comes right back.

Ice Towel

How to fight heat and properly cool down? Ice Towel is here!

According to a study carried out by the European Statistical Center, 70% of people that took the survey are hot in their homes and more than half of them have problems sleeping because of the heat. The same study shows that 80% of people who practice sports recreationally (running, cycling, walking, playing tennis, going to the gym) suffer from heat when doing any physical activity and 45% say they have even suffered from mild fainting spells on occasion.

Athletes, workers with jobs that require a lot of movement, or really anyone at any given time, can be very hot and sweaty. At these times, it is important to provide the body with a little coolness to avoid any kind of health problem. You don’t need a portable fan or anything like that in order to cool down; the solution is Ice Towel, a cooling microfiber towel that you just have to wet with water, wring out well, and shake out so that it stays damp and provides a thermal sensation of up to 15º below body temperature.

Ice Towel helps prevent heat stroke

Ice Towel

Heat stroke is an illness due to hyperthermia that is produced mainly by excessive exposure to high temperatures, by exercising during hot hours of the day or by the presence of chronic diseases. Recent research claims that if no measures or precautions are taken, deaths by heat could reach 12,900 people a year in the period 2050-2100, with children and the elderly being most vulnerable to these high temperatures.

Thanks to its technology, Ice Towel reduces the effects of heat on the body, combats hot flashes and intense sweating, maintaining its coolness for several hours. It is ideal for playing any sport since it also absorbs sweat very well and keeps you cool on hot days.

The perfect towel to keep you cool while staying in shape

Believe it or not, Ice Towel cools itself when placed in water! Once you soak and wring the towel out, its temperature will immediately drop for several hours, maintaining a 100% natural cooling effect, completely free of chemicals!

How is this possible? It is due to the specially woven mesh fabric of Ice Towel, which creates a cooling effect by means of evaporative cooling. The towel only needs to be wetted, wrung out and shaken once or twice for the cooling effect to be activated. All these qualities are what make this the perfect towel for withstanding high temperatures while walking or doing any kind of physical activity, and when dry, it absorbs sweat.

Fights heat immediately, without chemicals, anywhere

Ice Towel

The material from which the Ice Towel is made does not produce any unpleasant odor as is often the case with other 100% polyester cooling towels. This cooling towel is anti-bacterial and can absorb several times its weight in water and dries quickly. The innovative processing of the material it is made of makes the towel considerably softer than competing microfiber products.

ATTENTION: It is very important to try to avoid direct exposure to the sun between 12 and 16 hours

Ice Towel comes with the perfect accessory! Easy to carry thanks to the plastic bottle it comes with, so you can carry the cooling towel during a walk, a race, or while moving from one machine to another in the gym. Once wet, these towels last up to three hours and have a cooling effect of up to 30 degrees below room temperature. If you want to increase the cooling effect, all you have to do is re-wet them.

What makes Ice Towel stand out from the competition?

There are so many “homemade solutions” such as wetting your head, shirt, and hair every so often, but that gets old after a while. Furthermore, after in-depth research of other cooling towel “solutions” on the market, we’ve realized that their effects are questionable and many of them don’t comply with what they promise.

There are not many other towels with the same advanced cooling technology, they are not anti-bacterial, and they do not have the quality that the cooling Ice Towel does.

The materials from which these towels are made are extremely durable, anti-bacterial and dirt-repellent. The fiber with which they are manufactured, is also extremely absorbent and very fast drying.

Anyone who has ever soaked a cotton towel in water knows how much water that towel can absorb: it’s incredible! Despite the small size of Ice Towel, it has a fairly similar absorption.

The best cooling towel on the market!

Ice Towel

Main advantages!

  1. Ice Towel is one of the best cooling towels designed for athletes. It dries quickly and can be re-used several times and is also anti-bacterial.

  2. High quality material and totally chemical free. It’s durable, breathable and absorbent.

  3. It’s very easy to use: Simply wet it, wring it out, shake it, and then you can place it for example on your forehead, the nape of your neck, or any spot on your body to cool down. You’ll notice the coolness of the towel immediately.

  4. It includes a plastic bottle with a built-in hook that allows you to hang it from different places.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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