Tricks to combat hair loss and strengthen your hair

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Tricks to combat hair loss and strengthen your hair

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent and its causes are very diverse: heredity, hormonal changes, ageing, stress or medical conditions, among others. Many people try to disguise this situation with hairstyles, hats and even make-up, however, there are tricks to combat hair loss and strengthen the scalp.

Finding hairs on our clothes, pillow, in the shower or on the brush is the first sign that our hair is losing strength and it’s time to look for ways to care for and strengthen it. Here are a few tips on how to strengthen your hair, prevent hair loss and restore its vitality.

9. Use combs with wide teeth

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It is important to use specific combs to be able to detangle your hair without losing part of it in the process. When your hair is wet, it is also advisable to use hair masks and conditioners to detangle it more easily without tugging. This will help you avoid constant damage to your hair.


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